Fiber Testing

Favimat+ Fiber Tensile Testing

Coming Soon


4XTechnologies will soon be receiving a FAVIMAT+ with ROBOT2 and AUTOFEED

In order to streamline our OPF and carbon fiber optimization processes we will soon acquire a FAVIMAT+ system. This will allow us to receive feedback on testing parameters with more agility and to deliver more rapid results to our clients. We are excited to offer single-filament mechanical testing to outside parties.

The FAVIMAT+ is a device for testing and evaluating single filaments of man-made fibers, an essential part of development and quality control in fiber production. Its design allows for several tests to be performed on the same single filament section, removing the necessity of transferring a sample filament between testing devices. In addition to reducing mechanical input from the operator, the ROBOT2’s automatic sample loading reduces potential damage to the fiber sample, allowing for increased confidence in property results. Our FAVIMAT+ will support electroconductive fibers in addition to standard technical fibers and yarns.


Equipment Details

FAVIMAT Automatic Individual Fiber/Fibre Test System

  • Force measuring device, resolution 0.0001 cN, measuring range 220 cN, other ranges available on request

  • Elongation measuring device, resolution 0.1 μm

  • Vibroscopic linear-density measuring system with acoustic initiation of the fibre vibration and opto-electronic recording of the resonance frequency

  • Opto-electronic measuring system for digital recording of the fibre geometry


  • Fibre sample storage unit for a maximum of 20 magazines, each with a capacity of 25 single fibres

  • Transfer clamp ROBOT2 to FAVIMAT+

  • Loading unit for fibre introduction into the magazine with pre-tensioning weights

Services Offered

  • Semi-automatic single filament mechanical testing

  • Tensile testing

  • Vibroscopic linear density measurements

  • Opto-electronic fiber geometry recording

  • Crimp extension and stability testing

  • Compatible with conductive and textile grade fibers


Is your organization interested in single fiber mechanical properties testing? Please get in touch.